Would You Stand At Your Desk?

I remember reading an article a few months ago about the supposed perils of sitting all day long while you work.  It sounded pretty bad – the Mayo Clinic says that sitting for prolonged periods of time (like I do, for hours every day at work) is associated with all kinds of increased health risks.  Yikes.

Then, last week, one of my clients told me she tries to use a standing desk as often as possible.  I assumed a standing desk is just a taller desk, that you stand next to instead of sit (like they do at the Apple store).  I did a Google search and found a bunch of articles about different standing desks – this one from Wired is my favourite.  Wow, do standing desks ever run the gamut of price and design.  Most of them are really ugly, and have exorbitant price tags.  Of course, you could try to make your own – the websites Ikea Hackers and Apartment Therapy have some good ideas for DIY standing desks.

Forbes ran a great article about the pros and cons of standing while you work, and offers some tips before you give it a try.  I also enjoyed this piece in Fast Company from David Zax, who tried a standing desk and gave up after a week.  I’m afraid that’s what would happen to me too – I would give up.  So, for now, I’m going to stay in my chair.  I do try and get up often though – I walk around when I’m talking on the phone, and I take little breaks throughout the day.

What about you?  Would you stand at your desk all day if you thought it would significantly improve your health?  Or do you just get up and walk around every hour or so?

[image above of the Focal Locus seat and desk, one of the less ugly but definitely more expensive options for a standing desk] 

One thought on “Would You Stand At Your Desk?”

  1. Moving is better than standing is better than sitting. But if you do sit, make sure you change positions OFTEN. Sitting in the same position is what is really bad for you. I have a desk with two computer paper boxes stacked on it where I do the bulk of my computer work standing. (I work at home so it doesn’t have to be pretty.) There is a backless stool that I can pull out if I get tired but I would rather sit (or lie) on the floor with my laptop than at a desk. I realize with your kind of work that might not be possible. Standing workstations are great but standing in poor alignment is not going to help you either. There is no simple answer, but sitting really is that bad for you.

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