Would you live in a (really) tiny house?


There’s a street in my neighbourhood that’s known for its small houses, and the community of neighbours that live there (they call themselves the Tiny House Society).  Spacing Magazine recently did a little feature on Craven Road, and included an interview with my pal Lisa, who lives on the street.

Would you live in a tiny house?  How about a really tiny house?  My Dad sent me this slideshow of small dwellings.  He thought it was a funny joke, but seriously, I would consider living in a few of those!  Our house is 1200 square feet, and I often think it’s too big.  I love the idea of a tiny house in a beautiful location, like the cabin in Nantucket, pictured above.

What about you?  Do you like having a lot of space to spread out, or do you prefer a cozy little home?

PS- Cabin Porn.

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