Would You Have a Book Club With Your Spouse?


Ian used to be in a book club and really enjoyed it, but members moved away from the city and the club eventually disbanded. Since then he doesn’t read non-fiction much, and while I love novels, it can take me months to make my way through a book.

So when I recently saw a review in The Guardian calling The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes his masterpiece, I perked up. Ian and I had both previously read (and enjoyed) Sense of an Ending by Barnes, so I asked Ian if he’d read The Noise of Time with me and we could chat about it. You know… kind of like a book club.

He reluctantly agreed after I sent him The Guardian review, so I quickly downloaded the book to our Kobo e-readers. We’ll see how it goes. This could either be a royal mistake, or the beginning of a fun new activity to do together.

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