Would you buy furniture online without trying it out first?

Ian and I bought a sectional sofa and armchair at Sears when we first moved in together, over 13 years ago. They moved with us from our apartment to our house, and are still in our living room (pictured above). We live on that furniture. The sofa and chair have been covered in dog hair, baby spit-up, and more spills than I can count. And they’re starting to look really dated and shabby. I think it’s finally time to say goodbye and get a new sofa and chair.

We’ve gone to Ikea, CB2, Structube and all the other spots for (relatively) inexpensive, stylish furniture. So far nothing has caught our eye. I’m starting to browse online furniture shops, like Wayfair (including their style sister site, AllModern) and Article. I’m loving some of the pieces, like this sofa and this armchair.

But the thought of buying a sofa and chair without actually sitting on it first seems kind of crazy to me. Would you do it? Have you done it? Let me know!

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