Where in Toronto Would You Take Visitors?

There was a great piece today at the tail end of Metro Morning on CBC Radio, where host Matt Galloway asked a few interesting people where they would take guests visiting Toronto.  Not the usual suspects like the CN Tower and the ROM – where are the hidden spots that you’d want to share?

The owner of the Cookbook Store on Yonge Street said she’d like to take visitors to the newly opened green roof at City Hall and the Rectory Cafe on Ward’s Island.  The Mayor’s new Arts and Culture Advisor said he’d take visitors to the 401 Richmond Building.  Excellent suggestions.

My cousin visited from Texas last summer, and I took her to Harbourfront and the Toronto Islands, the AGO, and shopping around Leslieville.  Then she went over to my sister’s place in the Annex where they poked along Bloor Street and went to Kensington Market.

On a delightfully hot summer day like today, I’d take guests to Sugar Beach to chill by the lake, and then check out the indoor slide at the Corus Quay Building, and finish it off with a drink at the new lakeside bar Against The Grain.

Where would you take visitors to Toronto?  Or, if you’re playing tourist in your own city, where would you go?

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