What Should I Do With This Wall in My Office?





I’ve been having more and more client meetings in my home office, so I decided to switch things up a bit to make it a space worth visiting.  I purged two bookcases-worth of books and magazines, pushed my desk against the wall, picked up a cheap and cheerful table and chairs at Ikea, and painted the walls a light blue/grey.  Add some fresh flowers from my local fav shop, Florabunda, and it almost looks done. Almost, except one wall.

The rest of the room is pretty full, and that one section of the wall looks so bare. I have a print of a painting by Edward Hopper that could go there, but even though I love the piece, it’s a little depressing for my office. I then thought of putting a few shelves there to display knick-knacks, but I don’t want to put something up just to fill the space. (Although, a shelf would be the perfect place to put that Tivoli radio I’ve been coveting for a while…)

What do you think?  Any crazy ideas?

11 thoughts on “What Should I Do With This Wall in My Office?”

  1. I see a big chalkboard or white board for detailing ideas with clients. Frame it with an old window to make it look a little more swank.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a chalkboard wall. It prevents me from going crazy with all the lists in my head and guests seem to be drawn (hehe) to it. We’ve had one in every house…except this one and that’s only because we just moved in.

  3. I was going to say Chalboard wall too. Frame it out with some trim to make it look more custom. Would be a cool idea for meetings

  4. another vote for the chalkboard wall. definitely worth considering. would you recommend hanging a framed chalkboard, or actually painting the chalkboard paint on the wall, and then nailing a frame to the wall? does chalkboard paint really work?

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