We’re going to Quebec for Carnaval

Next month we’re headed to Quebec City for Carnaval – the world’s largest winter festival. I’ve never been to Quebec City and I’m super excited.

We’re taking 7-year-old Clara, who’s excited to see ice sculptures and visit the Ice Hotel (the idea of which blows her mind). We’re also taking Ian’s mom, whose first language is French. She’s also never been to Quebec City and is really looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to having her translation skills on standby as je ne parle pas très bien français!

So that everyone has enough space and we’re not living on top of each other, we’ve rented a gorgeous 2-bedroom loft in the trendy Saint-Roch neighbourhood of Quebec. it’s conveniently located next to a poutine shop.

We’re planning on seeing as much of the Carnaval as we can, and I’ll be keeping my eye out for a photo opp with Bonhomme. Apparently there’s only one Bonhomme and he has a lot of ground to cover during the festival, so if you catch him, grab a photo as you might not see him again.

Ian is pumped for the giant toboggan run set up outside the Chateau Frontenac (pictured above). I don’t think I’ll be going on it – it reaches speeds of 70 km/hour! I’ll just watch from the sidelines with a warm drink in hand, thanks.

Have you been to Carnaval? Do you have any tips? I’ve heard it’s quite cold and we’re prepared for that. The whole family is packing lots of layers and proper outerwear (including snow pants for everyone). If you have any other insights (restaurant recommendations in particular!) I’d love to hear.

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