Wanna Do A Road Trip…

…But you don’t have a car?  No worries, you can drive someone else’s.

If you’re a good driver with a clean record, you can sign up to drive someone else’s car from one location to another, and get paid for it.  Or at least get your flight home covered.  For example, think about all the snowbirds that need their fancy automobiles driven down to Florida for them each year.  Or the people that are moving across the country, but don’t want to drive their own cars (I guess because they’d rather fly).

Sound interesting?  There’s a Toronto company that’s always looking for new drivers: Toronto Drive-Away Service.  Or check out the US-based Auto Driveaway for opportunities in locations across America. Also check with any major car rental agency – they’re often offering one-way rentals at a steep discount.  For example, check out these one-way Florida specials from Avis.

If you want to do a really big road trip, consider driving an RV one-way.  The big RV rental companies need their vehicles moved around, and will often offer a big discount on the cost of a rental if you pick up the rig in one town, and drop it off in another.  Have a look at the one-way rental deals offered by Cruise Canada here.

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