Wanderlust: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Ian and I went to Tofino, British Columbia a few years ago, and were impressed by how beautiful it is there.  It’s at the end of the road, and its remote location is part of its charm.  Mountains, beaches, islands, fog, pine trees… it’s the Pacific Northwest at its best.

Not far from Tofino is the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.  Last week I read in the Globe and Mail that the resort used to be a pretty rustic place, but now they’ve gone all “eco-luxury”.  Just look at those photos!  Aren’t those tents amazing?  They have in-floor heating, flush toilets, and indoor-outdoor showers.

Of course, this place isn’t cheap (oh, did I mention the private plane that flies you in?  Or the 5-star dining and spa services in addition to the luxury accommodations?) but for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I bet it’s worth every penny.

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