Update: Toronto City Neighbourhood Poster

Hey, remember this?  Well, I ordered my Toronto city neighbourhood poster, and got it in the mail less than a week later.  I picked up a ribba frame from Ikea yesterday, framed the poster, and hung it in my bathroom.  I figured, what better place for this brown and gold poster than in my brown bathroom?  It matches the walls, and gives you something interesting to look at when you’re doing your business.

3 thoughts on “Update: Toronto City Neighbourhood Poster”

  1. Awesome poster! Since the print is larger than the standard IKEA border did you just place the print in front of the border? Did you have to use any adhesive or just guestime a centered position and carefully place the border and backing back into the frame without the print getting jostled?

    Matt in TO

  2. Hey Matt,

    Glad you like the poster. You’re right – it is too big to fit behind the Ikea matte, so I put it in front of the matting. I used the very high tech skills of guessing the right position, and then securing it with scotch tape. Probably isn’t the best for archival quality, but it worked.

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