Typefaces to Drool Over

Yesterday I received the MyFonts “Rising Stars” email newsletter for July.  As usual, it was full of gorgeous typefaces.  I guess that impulsive type purchases are not a normal thing, but in my world, it’s so hard to resist…

Two typefaces from the newsletter really stood out for me – one from Argentina called Lady Rene (it’s the top image above).  Doesn’t it remind you of script from an Edward Gorey illustration?  For the right project, this font could be really fun.  It’s $59 though, and I wonder how much use I would get out of it.  I think for now, I’ll take Lady Rene for inspiration – I’m going to try to do some hand lettering that’s similar.

The other typeface I noticed was Monarcha – a really versatile serif for lots of text (see picture above, of Monarcha in a book).   The cool part is all the OpenType features – small caps, fractions, ligatures, etc.  This would be a great typeface for a large project that needs a lot of options.  But at $215 for the 8-font set, it’s gonna have to wait.

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