Totally Random: Outdoor Showers

Okay, I know this is a bit weird.  But I really like outdoor showers.  NOT for my downtown house, but for a country or beach house.  I spent a lot of time on the Gulf Coast of Florida when I was a kid (I was born there), and my family was constantly battling the sand-in-the-house issue.  Ugggh, don’t you just hate it when you have sand in your bed?

Anyway, we tried everything to get the sand off before going inside.  In one property, we had a rubbermaid tub with water right by the front door.  Before going inside, you had to stand in the tub to rinse your feet.  In another property, we had an outdoor shower.  I remember loving it – there’s something so refreshing about showering outside (with or without your bathing suit on!)

Check out this roundup of great outdoor showers on the Canadian House and Home blog.  Don’t you love the shower built into the tree?  I worry about the health of that tree though…

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