The Yurt (aka Winter Patio) at the Ceili Cottage

If you’ve walked or driven by the Ceili Cottage recently, you may have wondered what the heck that big white thing is.  It’s a yurt!  They have it set up as a winter patio, and it’s fully licensed.  There’s no power [correction: there IS power and heat!] and the inside is lit up with candles and there’s a record player for entertainment.  Apparently it’s quite warm inside, and looks so comfy.

Next time we have a babysitter, we’re going to go check it out.

[images from the Ceili Cottage’s Facebook and Twitter feeds]

4 thoughts on “The Yurt (aka Winter Patio) at the Ceili Cottage”

  1. GAH! I’ve been so excited to see what is inside!!!! I LOVE IT. Mmmmm cozy. We should go to there.

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