The totally oddball and wonderful show I just binge-watched on Prime

The new show Forever just debuted on Amazon Prime and we binge-watched it this weekend. It’s from Alan Yang (Master of None) and Matt Hubbard (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation). The show is a drama / comedy, and if you’re a fan of Master of None, I think you’ll see a lot of similarities with Forever.

The show’s creators asked press to not mention anything about the plot twists, so I didn’t know much about the show when watching it. I just said to Ian on Saturday night, “this might be interesting, and it has great actors (Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen). Let’s try an episode or two and see how it goes.” We were hooked.

I won’t give anything away, because it really is easy to spoil the plot. You can watch the trailer for Forever online here, but I encourage you to just dive in, and let me know what you thought in the comments.

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