The Power (and the Process) of Saying No

I sat with a cup of coffee this morning, watching this video of Jason Santa Maria’s recent Creative Mornings talk all about “saying no”.  Jason Santa Maria is a big deal in the web design world, and rightly so.  His work is amazing, and he’s a talented writer and speaker.

I’ve read/seen other creative people talk about the power of saying no to projects/clients/things, but this talk is a little different.  Jason Santa Maria is wonderfully honest about the fear of saying no (even at his level of expertise and acclaim), and realistic about real-world issues (“do I need the money”).  He charts the path he took to where he is now, and admits to making many mistakes.

I particularly enjoy the last few minutes, where he outlines his process for identifying potential projects/clients/things that he should say “no” to.  This video is a must-watch for any creative professional.

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