The free app that’s making my Instagram Stories 1000 times better

I’ve had a whirlwind fall with a lot of travel and events this year. I’ve enjoyed sharing photos of my adventures on Instagram, particularly in Instagram Stories (and then saving the Stories as Highlights on my profile, so they don’t expire after 24 hours).

To make my Stories as compelling as possible, I use the Unfold app. It’s free (although there are paid add-ons), and available for iOS and Android. My favourite part is that I can use the app to draft a bunch of posts, so I can see the narrative unfold (get it?) as I build the story. Then I can share directly to Instagram from within the Unfold app. I’ve pasted some of the images from my recent trip to Amsterdam above. See how I could choose different layouts, and add text? that’s all in Unfold.

Do you use Unfold? Or have you tried other social media graphic design apps like Canva or Adobe Spark? What’s your favourite part?

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