The 50 Best Movies of 2011

This past weekend, my pal Andrew posted a link on Twitter to this list of The 50 Best Movies of 2011 (from Paste Magazine).  While perusing the list, I realized I missed so many good films last year.  There are a few I completely forgot about (like Errol Morris’s Tabloid) and there are a few I didn’t hear of that look great (like happythankyoumoreplease and Another Earth).

What was your favourite movie from last year?  I think mine was Beginners.

3 thoughts on “The 50 Best Movies of 2011”

  1. I’ve seen 12 of the 50…lots of good ones there (Poetry is on Netflix – it’s on my list). I loved Pina.

  2. I checked Netflix for a few of them, and came up empty handed. They’re probably all at The Film Buff though. I’ll check out Poetry.

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