Stuff Everybody Likes: Freebies!

I love getting stuff for free.  Even swag.  When I heard about the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club a couple years ago, I signed up right away.  Since then I’ve received free full-size samples of mascara, body wash, moisturizer, house cleaning products, and a whole bunch of ice cream.

The premise is simple – sign up for the Product Review Club and they email you when they have a new product for you to try.  Fill out a survey, and if you’re selected, the product is mailed to your house.  You then have 14 days (or so) to try it, and then go online and review it.  You don’t have to write a positive review.  Just an honest one.  I figure that’s a fair exchange for getting stuff for free.

I think it’s only for girls though.  Seeing as in the site is called ChickAdvisor and all.  Sorry guys.

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