Stay in an Unusual Spot… Without Costing a Lot

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Ian and I are kicking around the idea of going to England late this summer or this fall. We’d spend a few days in London, and then get outside the city a bit to explore. While researching places to go and places to stay, I read about the Landmark Trust – a charity that “rescues buildings that would otherwise be lost” and turns them into places you can stay overnight. We’re talking castles, literary landmarks, and unusual spots (like prisons, rectories, mine towers, and gatehouses). The properties are in England, Wales, Scotland, France and Italy, and the best part is… they’re totally inexpensive.  There’s a 4-night stay minimum, and some properties are as low as £90 for all 4 nights. That’s crazy.

The website is pretty great – you can read about the history of each property, its features, get a floor plan, and learn about the local area. We’re totally going to book one… now we just have to decide which.

[images above of the Holiday at Crownhill Fort in Plymouth, where you stay in the Officer’s Quarters and have free run of the fort once the gates close in the evening. SO COOL.]

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