Rock Out: Ryan Adams

Alt-country super-prolific rocker Ryan Adams is probably my favourite musician out there.  Well, maybe.  I think he’s tied with Wilco for the title of “Avery’s Favourite Band/Musician”.

Anyway, Ryan has done some pretty crazy stuff in the last couple of years, including deleting his entire blog in March 2008 ( which is sad, as it was full of great writing and goofy photos), putting the blog back up and taking it down again repeatedly for over 6 months, marrying teen-pop star/actor Mandy Moore in 2009, and then releasing a sci-fi metal concept album

Oh, and up there in that first paragraph, I wanted to include a link to Ryan Adams’ website, but he took it down.  Or, more accurately, it auto-forwards to the sci-fi metal concept album website.  So I had to put his Wikipedia link up there instead.

Yeah, so he’s pretty nuts.  But in the best possible way.  So I was thrilled to see on his facebook page that he is working on a new solo album.

While I wait for that, I’ll be listening to my favourite Ryan Adams song, from a long time ago when he was in the band Whiskeytown.  YouTube clip below for audio… enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Rock Out: Ryan Adams”

  1. oh ryan adams.

    i put this song on… haha, not so much working music…but i want to drive and drive and drive through beautiful countryside.

    now daydreaming instead…


  2. The Mandy Moore thing also threw me for a loop! There was a time when I could sing along to every song on the heartbreaker album. Time to resurrect it for a new Avery-specific playlist. 🙂

  3. Ryan Adams always brings out the inner-southerner in me. Makes me want to go to Appalachia. Kind of like how listening to Frightened Rabbit makes me want to go to the Highlands. Music-inspired daydreaming wanderlust is the best!

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