Red Door Shoebox Project

Red Door is a women’s and children’s shelter in my community. Many of the charitable gifts they receive at this time of year are for the kids, which is great, but the women and mothers tend to get overlooked.  That’s where the Red Door Shoebox Project comes in. You can help by “creating a shoebox filled with small gifts that women appreciate – items that a woman would enjoy but would not splurge on herself in difficult times. The contents should be fun and useful. Each shoebox should have a value of approximately $60.”  We’re talking stuff like lip gloss, nice bath soap, mittens, socks, Tim’s card, etc etc.

Would you like to join me in putting together a shoebox for the Red Door Shoebox Project filled with small items that a lady would like for the holidays? I’ll be putting a box together this week, so I can drop it off by Friday. If you’d like to help out, please shoot me an email – avery [at]

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