Professional Business Headshots


When I had my headshots (above) done almost 4 years ago by the amazing Donna Santos, I thought they were a frill, and it was hard to justify the cost.  Now I know that having professional photos is a must for entrepreneurs.  I use them everywhere – on my website, at speaking events, in social media… and I gotta say, when my professional pics are published next to amateur ones, you can really tell the difference.  Professional headshots have really helped me stand out.

It’s time for me to get new pics, so Donna and I have teamed up to create a headshot day with packages that include hair, makeup, and photos.  This is a serious deal, and I’d love to share it with you.  If you can be in Toronto on February 28, you should join us.  Sign up for your spot here – there are only two spots left!

(see Donna’s business portraits on her website here.  There are some impressive people in her portfolio!)

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