Outer Banks’ Storms

I’m always dreaming of travel.  Trips I want to take, trips I hope to take, far-off places I want to experience…

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time looking up information on The Outer Banks, in North Carolina.  I’ve never been, and always wanted to, and that’s the best reason to go anywhere, if you ask me.  And, they’re within driving distance.  We’re thinking of packing up the car, bringing the dog, and renting a beach house for a week or two in September.  I’ve been dreaming of fresh seafood, sitting in the sun, and storms.  Yup, storms.  I was born in Florida after all, and I think it’s in my blood… sitting on the beach, watching a storm roll in.  Sounds like a Bob Seger song or something, but I’m serious.  Just look at this gorgeous photo taken by Flickr user Harold Stiver.  See what I mean?

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