Old Timey Bathing Suits

I went bathing suit shopping at the Bay on the weekend, as they’re having a 50% off sale.  It was hell.  I must have tried on at least 45 suits, and almost all of them looked terrible.  I did eventually find two that worked, so it ended up being okay, I guess.  A disheartening experience overall though.

Later, when I was complaining about the whole ordeal to friends, Jenna told me about Esther Williams Swimwear.  You know, Esther Williams, the swimming movie star from the ’40s and ’50s?  She has a line of old timey bathing suits that flatter the bodies of real women.

Jenna has the “classic sheath” bathing suit, and says that the construction is top notch.  I’ve seen it – it’s too cute.  I checked out the other looks available, and was thrilled to see that they have the one-piece “classic bandeau” style that I love.  The two bathing suits that I picked up at the Bay are that style, and it really seems to work for me.  Now I know where to get more if I can’t find them in traditional stores.  I think I’d get polka dot or cherries!

PS – I’m reading a book right now from England, and they call their bathing suits “bathing costumes”.  Don’t you love that?

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