New HBO Series: Girls

Yep, I’ve been blogging about TV a lot lately.  John Doyle wrote a controversial piece in The Globe and Mail a couple weeks ago stating that television has killed the novel.  While I don’t necessarily agree with that, I do agree that television programs have come a long way, and are one of my favourite forms of storytelling.

Anyway, theory aside, have you heard about the new show that starts next weekend on HBO?  It’s called Girls, and it’s about twenty-somethings living in NYC.  Based on the trailer (above) I think it has potential.  And Judd Apatow is behind it, so that might help things.  The first episode airs Sunday April 15 on HBO.

2 thoughts on “New HBO Series: Girls”

  1. This is essentially “Tiny Furniture” made into a tv series. That movie was written and starred Lena Dunham, and also starred her real life sister and mother playing her sister and mother. I don’t know if I told you about it, but we watched it on Netflix and basically died laughing because it is SO Hannah (even weirder, her name is Hannah in this show!) and Sally and me. There was one particular scene that I’m sure they secretly taped at our house.

  2. Oh cool. I haven’t heard of the film, but if it’s in Netflix, I’ll check it out. Sounds hilarious!

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