New Fall TV Shows

There are a handful of new TV shows starting up soon that I’m kind of excited about.  Up All Night looks hilarious (and very timely for Ian and I).  I love Will Arnett (he was so funny on Arrested Development) and Maya Rudolph is a genius (so funny in Bridesmaids, so lovely in Away We Go).

New Girl could be quirky and fun, like most of what Zooey Deschanel does, or it could totally suck.  I can’t tell.  Same with the American version of Prime Suspect – Helen Mirren’s show from the UK, but with Maria Bello (isn’t she so beautiful?).

And for the Sci-Fi hole in my life left by Lost, Terra Nova could be good.  But somehow I doubt it.

NY Magazine has a great roundup of the new shows.  Have a look at their slideshow here.  And if you don’t see anything you like, don’t worry… Downton Abbey is coming back!  See a trailer for Season 2 here.

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