Neat-O Water Bottle

When it’s warm outside, I almost always carry a reusable water bottle with me.  But they’re so clunky, and when it’s empty, it takes up a lot of useless space in my bag.  Enter Vapur, a water bottle that collapses down when it’s not full. They don’t have any Canadian retailers yet (although you can get Vapur bottles in a variety of colours and sizes on their website).  I wouldn’t be surprised if they start appearing in Canada soon though – they did a special bottle with MoMA, and if there’s anything Toronto likes, it’s to copy New York.

[via FastCoDesign]

3 thoughts on “Neat-O Water Bottle”

  1. I first saw these at Chapters in Toronto and bought mine at Binz in the beach – you can get them here! When I was in Italy my tourguide flipped out over it. She wanted me to send her a bunch of them.

  2. Oh cool! It says on their website that they don’t have a Canadian distributor, so I assumed you couldn’t get the bottles here. I’m going to check out Binz!

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