My Super Lazy Way to Wash Delicate Clothing


I don’t have many pieces of clothing that aren’t machine washable, but when those few delicate pieces (hand-knit sweaters, silk shirts, and lingerie) need a wash, I do it by hand, using Soak Wash.  This stuff is awesome – you add a little bit of it to some water in the sink, throw in your stuff, and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Then just gently wring your items out, and lay them flat or hang to dry.  That’s it.  No rinsing.  No scrubbing.  And Soak smells really good too.

Soak is a Toronto-based company, and I buy Soak Wash at my local knitting boutique, The Purple Purl. But you can get it online on their website if you want.

[PS – this isn’t a sponsored post or anything.  I just honestly really like this product and wanted to share it with you.]

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