My New Toy/Experiment… A Moka Pot


Lately I’ve been really into drinking americanos (espresso and boiling water – when combined, it tastes like the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had).  I used to order cappuccinos or lattes at fancy coffee bars, but now I’m all about the americano.

When we were in the States last week, I saw a Bialetti Moka Express Pot (aka “stovetop espresso maker”) on sale at Target, and bought it on a whim.  I’d love to learn to make a good americano at home.  I’m already a little bit of a coffee snob (I don’t like drip coffee – I use a Bodum French Press most days), so I figure this is the logical next step.  I’ve also heard that you can’t really get a real espresso maker for less than $500 (the silly little ones you can get for $100 or less don’t heat up enough for real espresso – apparently the steam needs to be a certain crazy hot temperature).

So I fully understand that a Moka Pot isn’t technically making espresso, but rumour has it, it gets pretty darn close.  I’m now watching tutorial videos online to learn more about how to make a good cuppa with the Moka Pot.  Any tips from you, readers?

PS – Have you hear about the Aeropress?  That’s the next coffee toy I want to try.

5 thoughts on “My New Toy/Experiment… A Moka Pot”

  1. I was told that although Italians go to their local espresso bar for shots, they ALL have a Bialetti at home. I have two; one that makes 2 shots and one that makes 4. I use the double shot one the most and make an Americano. Use finely ground coffee and tamp it a little (not a lot). I have it down to a fine art and it always comes out perfectly.
    Sam has the one with the expensive Japanese kettle and he likes it but I find it too finicky. Haven’t tried the aeropress yet.

  2. I tried the Bialetti this morning, and made a pretty good americano. I got Italian espresso (fine ground coffee) at Loblaws, and it worked well. I see how it really needs to be fine ground coffee though – you couldn’t use the course stuff I put in the french press.

    My friends Dan and Jenna, who are on sabbatical for a year in France (so they have a lot of time on their hands), have been playing around with an aeropress. They made a little video of “how to make fussy coffee” with a hand grinder and an aeropress. it’s funny.

  3. Yeah, I just use those blocks of coffee you buy and they are pretty cheap. I’m not a very fussy coffee drinker though. That is a cute video but it went by very fast and hurt my eyes. It looks like he uses an old crockery beer stein which is an excellent idea!
    Why haven’t you gone to France to see them?

  4. Now you’re showing your age. =)

    A trip to France isn’t in the cards (or budget) for us this year. But I follow their travels vicariously on Jenna’s blog:

  5. I had to give up on a lot of shows because the camera shots change so quickly. One of my pet peeves. I think producers think that everyone has very short attention spans. Decorating and cooking shows are the worst! I think I go through life in a meditative state so these things are very annoying.

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