My Latest Wanderlust Fix: Instagram






Are you on Instagram? I use it myself to post random things from my daily life, and to stay in touch with friends. I also love following travel and tourism accounts on Instagram, so I can see beautiful photos of places I want to visit.

In anticipation of our trip to England and Scotland this July, I recently started following the Visit Scotland account, plus The Highland Collective and Scottish photographer Ali Horne.  On Ali Horne’s account I found my way to GermanRoamers and Visit Faroe Islands, and now I’m following them all. Add in Great North Collective and Modern Outdoors, and my Instagram feed is full of gorgeous northern scenery of mountains, forests, waterfalls, cliff-tops, rugged shorelines and cozy cabins. Dreamy.

(images above from top to bottom: Faroe Islands photo by Ali Horne, cabin photo by Rob Strok on the Modern Outdoors account, Iceland countryside by Mike Seehagel on the Great North Collective account, stag photo by Patrick of GermanRoamers on the Modern Outdoors account, Wester Ross (Scotland) coastline photo by George Turner on the VisitScotland account)

One thought on “My Latest Wanderlust Fix: Instagram”

  1. I refuse to make my IG business only – and make sure to add stuff that reminds people there’s a human behind the curtain 🙂 I also refuse to follow accounts that are ALL business and no personal – and hence when I open my IG it’s like a beautiful holiday full of beauty and wonder. And if that doesn’t work, I go on my cat’s iG – because she only follows animals and that’s more fun than a cocktail at the end of a hard week. Speaking of which…

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