Movies I’m Looking Forward To

The Christmas Holiday Season usually brings a few good new releases to the movie theatre, and there are three in particular that I’m looking forward to.

1. True Grit is what I would normally call a “man’s movie”.  It’s a remake of the 1969 Western (originally starring John Wayne), this time made by the Coen brothers, starring Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges.  Usually this wouldn’t interest me, but No Country For Old Men was soooooo good.  And True Grit has Matt Damon.  That’s enough to get me to the movie theatre.

2. Black Swan is the latest film from Darren Aronofsky, who I usually like (and who Ian usually hates).  So I’ll probably have to wait for video for this one.

3. The King’s Speech. I love Colin Firth.  And I love British movies.  Done.

And, because I’m a super-nerd, Tron: Legacy could be worth shelling out a few bucks for.  I’ll wait to see the reviews on that one first though.

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