Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

I like to change the wallpaper on my computer regularly.  Keeps things interesting.  At the start of every month, I check out the monthly desktop wallpaper available on Design*Sponge and Smashing Magazine.

Over at Design*Sponge, one artist is asked to make a wallpaper each month.  So while they’re usually gorgeous (this month is no exception – check out that stunner from Chris Bettig above, first), they don’t offer much choice or variety.

At Smashing Magazine, they do an open call for designers and illustrators to make monthly desktop wallpaper.  Since the selection isn’t curated, it really runs the gamut from lame-o to awesome.  But I can usually find one I like in the 50 or so they have each month.

I think I’m going to put the Design*Sponge choice (above, first) on my laptop, and this one (above, second) from Smashing Magazine on my desktop computer (I went with the non-calendar version, but there is one with the days of the month available too.  There’s even a version for your iPhone).

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