Mad Men: The Illustrated World

Much has been said of Mad Men‘s design, but I haven’t seen anything so fun and playful as Mad Men: The Illustrated World.  Illustrator Dyna Moe drew a scene from every episode of the first 3 seasons of the show (like the Betty Draper one above).  You can see all the drawings on her Flickr page. (And if the style looks familiar, it’s because Dyna Moe also created the popular “Mad Men Yourself” avatar on Facebook)

In addition to the scene illustrations, the book also includes quirky features about 1960s office culture, icons and fads, along with recipes and drink menus (including Sally Draper’s cocktail menu).  My favourite is these Joan Holloway paper dolls (above).

Read more about the book on Penguin’s website.

[via ColourLovers]

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