Leslieville Home Featured in Apartment Therapy

There was a Leslieville home featured over on Apartment Therapy!  It belongs to Mazen El-Abdallah, founder of Mazen Studio.  My favourite part are the drapes throughout the home – I love how the curtain rods are hung high above the window casings.  It really showcases the 10-foot high ceilings, and makes the rooms look dramatic – especially the living room (pictured above).

Read more about the home here, and see all the photos here.

5 thoughts on “Leslieville Home Featured in Apartment Therapy”

  1. Those curtains with the black/red! Good photography too, that angle makes the room look huge. I suspect this guy doesn’t live with a hoarder and two adult children. I will just have to fantasize about living in such a clean, uncluttered, precise environment.

  2. neat post! I have walked by his house and, like a creepy design stalker, admired that lamp and the drapes from the sidewalk under the cover of darkness. Now my curiosity over the rest of the house has been sated.

  3. I do that too. I call it “walking the dog” but really, I’m peaking into people’s houses. =)

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