In the ‘Hood: Florabunda

Like most people, I love having fresh flowers around the house.  Makes everything seem brighter and prettier – which is essential on these grey February days.

So I like to treat myself to a walk down Queen Street to Florabunda every once and a while – they have great flowers at amazing prices.  Seriously amazing prices.  Like 5 bucks for a small bouquet.  The owner is almost always behind the till, and he is really friendly and helpful.

I’m gonna head over in the next few days to see if he has some tulips – they’re my favourite flower.  Simple, elegant, and wildly colourful.  Perfect.

[reminder – everything on Stuff Avery Likes is completely unsolicited and editorially neutral.  That means I write about what I want, and I don’t get paid for it.  Even though this blog post reads like an endorsement, it’s not really.  I honestly just really like this flower shop.]

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