I’m in the Toronto Star today

I’m on the front cover of the Life and Entertainment section of the Toronto Star today, in an article about breast reconstruction.  The piece is about the “show and tell lounge” sponsored by Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada, which happens on Wednesday as part of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day.  I’ll be in the show and tell lounge, showing off my fake boobs.

Yep, they’re fake (but aren’t they rockin’?!?!).  I had a preventative double mastectomy 3 years ago, because I have “the breast cancer gene” (BRCA 1), which makes it difficult for my body to fight breast and ovarian cancer.  My mom had the gene, and she died of ovarian cancer at the age of 52.  Not me, no thank you.  Hence the preventative surgery.

You can read more about my situation on my “Diary of a Mutant” blog here.  And read more about Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada and the BRA Day here.  And of course, check out the article in the Star here.

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