I Went Clothes Shopping And Didn’t Hate It!


I don’t often talk about fashion here on the blog (except the occasional post about shoes and boots). I don’t dislike fashion… I’m just a bit indifferent to it. Probably because I don’t enjoy shopping for clothing, and honestly struggle to find something to wear that fits, is appropriate for the occasion, and isn’t totally hideous looking.

AND THEN SOMETHING (or more accurately, SOMEONE) CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME.  Debra McLaughlin, an image consultant, came to one of my Camp Tech classes a few weeks ago and we really got along (must have been our mutual love for illustrator Alanna Cavanagh). I learned more about what Debra does, and booked an appointment to see her at Images That Suit, a firm that allows women to shop in a private showroom.  No more hideous change rooms in stores in the mall… this is a cozy environment with one-on-one service.

Debra and I spent time discussing my wardrobe needs (business appropriate pieces that aren’t boring please… I am a designer after all), and what colours and fits will actually suit my body. Then she brought out a whole bunch of different pieces, all by Toronto and Montreal designers.  I tried on a lot of stuff in 2 hours, but Debra was so supportive and helpful that the whole experience was actually fun, and not a soul-crushing cry fest like shopping for clothes can sometimes be.

In the end, I walked away with a suit jacket and legging trousers by Franco Mirabelli that actually fits me (I’m notoriously hard to fit in suit jackets), a beautiful cozy/sophisticated sweater also by Mirabelli, a sassy sweater by Vex, and a gorgeous blouse by Periphery. Debra doesn’t charge a fee for her services – her fee is built into the price of the clothing, which is the same as if I had purchased in a boutique.

This experience really has changed how I think about shopping.  I’m sure I’ll keep buying casual clothes at the usual discount places (hello Joe Fresh with online shopping!).  But for my business attire, I will most definitely be going back to Debra.

[illustration above by Alanna Cavanagh]

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