I Watched Two Great Movies On The Weekend…

… a witty drama, and a goofy comedy.  Carnage is an adaptation of the play Gods of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, and you can totally tell it’s a play when you’re watching it.  The language is so snappy, and all the action takes place in one room.  It’s about two couples who meet because their kids got into a fight on the playground, and it’s fantastic.  The characters are such assholes, and the actors do such a great job making them entertaining.  Even Ian enjoyed it, and I honestly thought he was going to hate it.

We also watched Wanderlust with our pals Hilary and Tristan.  The movie’s a total piece of fluff, but I have a soft spot for David Wain comedies, so I really enjoyed it.

Have you seen any great movies lately?

PS – The 50 Best Movies of 2011.

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