I was on TV last night…






I was on the news last night! A colleague referred me for a guest spot – talking about tech trends on CTV News Channel’s evening news program, Direct. I went on around 6:50pm (right in-between coverage of Hugo Chavez’s death) and chatted with the host for about 4 minutes.  We discussed Google Glass and privacy issues, Code.org’s launch, and some rumours surrounding Apple’s new iWatch.

I was pretty nervous, but my pal Jenna (who has a lot of TV experience) came along with me to keep me calm.  She also gave me some great tips, like “don’t shift in your chair” and “don’t tilt your head too much”.  Sounds silly, but it totally helped!

You can watch the clip online here.

[photos of me outside CTV and waiting in the greenroom are by Jenna. That’s her, sampling the coffee machine and having a conversation with Michael Buble]

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