I Need a New iPhone Case

I have a lovely Kate Spade rubber case on my iPhone, but since I take it in and out of my back pocket a bajillion times a day, it is getting really loose.  Time for a new case – and probably something a bit more durable.  I’m thinking it’s time for a hard case.

A friend of mine had a custom iPhone case made through GelaSkins, using a photo of her son.  It’s so adorable.

I also really like the Society6 ones that were featured on Cup of Jo, and the NapPage ones that were featured on SwissMiss.

Decisions, decisions. If you have a smart phone, what case do you have?

[image above of Sea Garden iPhone case from GelaSkins]

2 thoughts on “I Need a New iPhone Case”

  1. Such a difficult choice. It is a symbol of what you are. I love the soft cases myself, but for hard wearing I guess the hard iphone cases are the best.

  2. Yep, I think I need the hard case. No reason I couldn’t get more than one though! 🙂

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