How Do You Feel About Gwenyth Paltrow?

A burning question in these troubling times, I know.

But seriously, how do you feel about Gwennie?  I’ll tell you how I feel about her. I’ve never been a fan of her acting (and when she won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and blubbered away in that pink disaster of a dress, I was not impressed).  But lately, I gotta say, I kind of love her.

This girl has seriously reinvented herself.  No longer the entitled Hollywood gal who seemed to date just about every leading man, she has settled down in England and embraced motherhood.  Now she sings (umm, no comment) and blogs, and makes TV shows of her foodie adventure travels with Mario Batali.  Oh, and her fashion sense is impeccable.

So when I read last week that Gwenyth is rumoured to be launching a food magazine (published by Hearst, no less), I thought it sounded pretty cool.  I may never like her in movies, but foodie/mom/style icon Gwenyth?  Two thumbs up.

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