How Cool Is This? Postcrossing

Okay, I’ll say right up front – you’re either gonna think this is really cool or really lame.  Hopefully you’ll think it’s cool like I do!

I received an email today with a discount postcard printing offer from Moo (15% off a pack of Moo postcards with promo code 9MW4J4).  In the email, they mentioned Postcrossing, a website that matches up random people all over the world for postcard sharing.  Sign up for a free account, and you’ll be given the name and address of someone in the world that you can mail a postcard to.  Other random people will mail you postcards too.  (This is the part that you will either think is wonderful and fun, or totally lame)

I just signed up at Postcrossing, and was given a name and address for someone in China.  I’d like to take a bunch of pictures of my favourite parts of Toronto and make my own postcards (probably through Moo’s offer).  Or try and find a bunch of unusual and beautiful postcards, or old-timey ones like those pictured up there.  But for now, I think I’ll send a generic Canada or Toronto postcard, since I’m eager to get started!

4 thoughts on “How Cool Is This? Postcrossing”

  1. That’s so cool! Make your own!!!

    I just hope you don’t get someone lame. Like when I signed up to do that Random Mix CD exchange thing and I spent so much time on my mix and I got NOTHING in return. Not that I’m bitter.

  2. I knew you would think it’s cool. I quickly sent three today, just to get the process started. China, Thailand and New Zealand! I’m gonna make my own and get them printed. You should do it too, if you want!

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