Goin’ Paperless with Doxie


I was at a small business tax seminar last night, and my pal Jenna and I were talking about scanning documents and receipts.  I scan important docs, but I’m still pretty old school with my receipts – I keep all my business receipts in files.  After almost 7 years of being self-employed, that stuff is really starting to pile up.  I decided right then to go completely paperless, and stop the mess.

Thing is, my scanner sucks.  It’s perfectly functional, but it’s a beast… I have to pull it out, set it up, connect it to my computer, use the lame-o software that it came with to do the scanning, then take the document into Photoshop to touch it up, and finally save it as a PDF.  Mega pain.

Jenna said that she uses a Doxie to scan everything, and it couldn’t be easier.  The Doxie is small (but big enough to scan a fullsize piece of paper), lightweight, and super easy.  It automatically saves documents as searchable PDF files.  It has fantastic software that plays nicely with Evernote, Dropbox, and more.  It easily syncs to your computer (or iPad or iPhone).

I just ordered one. Take that, clutter!

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