Glamping – a Silly Word for a Great Concept


Have you heard the phrase “glamping”?  It’s a portmanteau of “glamour” and “camping”.  The concept is to try to experience the benefits of camping (being outdoors, adventure) without having to go to the bathroom in the woods. Examples of glamping include sleeping in yurts and platform tents, rustic cabins, tree houses, and caravans – usually in interesting locations.

If this intrigues you (it certainly interest me!) check out Glamping Hub, a website that indexes all kinds of glamping opportunities across the world.  There’s an airstream trailer in Brussels, a tree house in Costa Rica, and a luxury camp in the Indian Jungle.  If you’d prefer to stay a bit closer to home, they have listings for glamping in the US and Canada (although none of the listings are in Ontario or Quebec).

[photo via Glamping Hub]

[PS – don’t you love the word “portmanteau”?]

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