Gift Idea: Kobo e-reader

I sometimes read books on my iPad, but it’s really heavy when you hold it up for a while, and it’s hard to see in bright sunlight.  So if you’re really into books, an e-reader makes a good gift idea.  I recommend the Kobo, not the Kindle, because it uses the ePub book format, and not Amazon’s proprietary Kindle format.  Basically, that means that if you have a Kindle, you can only read books from the Kindle bookstore.  With a Kobo, you can read books from the Kobo bookstore (which has excellent selection), and you can also get e-books from the library (for free!).

There are 3 different Kobo e-readers, and you can find a great comparison chart here.  The Kobo Vox has some great features, including a colour screen.  Personally, I’d go for the Kobo Touch, mostly because the battery is better than the original Kobo. And it’s on sale right now as part of Indigo’s black Friday deals – you get $20 off until December 4.

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  1. Ave,

    I need you to do the legwork for me. What are the reviews on the VOX like? Touch is well priced, but it’s hard not to want the latest versions. Help me dig deeper!!!!


  2. For the love of God, man, do you want me to buy it for you and gift-wrap it too?!?!

    The Touch is better than the original Kobo because the battery is better. The Vox is colour, and can do more than just display books. But, if you already have another tablet device (like how I already have an iPad), then it’s overkill. They’re not trying to sell the Vox as a tablet. It’s an e-reader plus some bonus stuff. It runs on Android, but doesn’t offer access to all the Android apps – just a few. It has a slower processor than the Kindle Fire (which I guess is what it’s trying to compete with).

    People don’t seem to like it much on the CNET reviews:

    All in all, if you want the official Avery opinion – go with the Kobo Touch. But don’t expect it to do anything super fancy. It’s just an e-reader, not a tablet. If you want a tablet, and then you should get an iPad or wait for someone to come out with something better. Which still hasn’t happened.

  3. And, with your fancy new job, shouldn’t you have access to all these devices anyway? Isn’t it kind of important that you have an iOS and an Android smartphone and tablet? (sidenote, if you do get all those toys, I’ll have total gadget envy)

  4. Hahaha. Thx for that. Read a bunch of other reviews slating the Vox so will pass.

    And ya…working on the toys. I did come back from Ottawa with a Macbook Air though. Good start…iPad 2 to follow.

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