Fresh Farm Produce = Yummy

I just renewed our summer share for the CSA program from Kawartha Ecological Growers.  What’s a summer share and a CSA, you ask?

“Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a socio-economic model of agriculture and food distribution; a system that connects people craving farm fresh local produce directly to the farmers growing their food.  A CSA consists of a community of folks who commit to supporting a farm before the growing season begins, in return for a regular dose of seasonal produce throughout.  In this way, the farm becomes the community’s farm and the consumers become co-producers of the food, with the growers and eaters supporting one another while sharing in all the risks and benefits of food production. It’s the ultimate model in local eating!”

Great idea, huh?  We get our share from Kawartha Ecological Growers – a group of about 20 small farms West of the Kawartha Lakes.  They have different pickup locations around the city, and we get ours every Tuesday at the Ceili Cottage (conveniently located at the end of our street). Fresh produce directly from the farm, all summer long = bliss.

Want to know more, or sign yourself up?  Check out Kawartha Ecological Growers’ website.  And yes, full disclosure, I designed the site.  But that’s not why I endorse them – I honestly really love this organization, and the CSA model.

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