Free eBooks

Regardless of how you feel about eBooks, I’m afraid/excited that they’re here to stay.  A statement from Amazon on Monday confirmed that they sold more eBooks in the last 3 months than actual old-school hold-’em-in-your-hands real books.

I have two eBook readers on my iPhone, and I’ve browsed through them a few times.  But I haven’t really given ePublishing a good testdrive.  That’s why I was excited to read about ManyBooks – a website featuring 28,000 free eBooks.  Yeah, they’re mostly old or obscure, and you’re not going to find any brand new top sellers.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t good stuff!  I’ve been meaning to read Great Expectations for years, and there it is, in a variety of formats for different eReaders.  Also available are PDF versions and an audiobook.  Sweet.

Oh, and for you Toronto readers, you can download audio and eBooks on the Toronto Public Library’s website here.

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