Follow-up: Bourbon Lemonade Recipe


Last week I wrote about wanting to make bourbon lemonades, so Kinnon and I gave it a whirl on Monday night. We followed the Smitten Kitchen “Vermontucky Lemonade” instructions and used bourbon, water, lemon juice, and maple syrup, and they were amazing.  Here’s the recipe:

Mix in a pitcher:
1 cup lemon juice (if you’re too lazy to squeeze lemons, get the good stuff at the grocery store)
2.5 cups cold water
0.5 cups maple syrup (again, use the good stuff)

Put ice and however much bourbon you want in a glass, and then pour the lemonade mixture over top to fill your glass. Stir slightly, and enjoy. Mmmmmmm.  We used Bulleit Bourbon, and next time we’ll try Knob Creek or Four Roses.



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