Field Trip!

I’m a pretty big fan of the local food movement.  It just makes sense.  Especially here in southern Ontario, where we have so much fantastic produce, meat and dairy grown and raised nearby.  I love chatting with the farmers at our local market, and getting to know more about them and the food they bring.

Last week, when Ian was picking up our share from the CSA program we’re members of, he grabbed a flyer for “Field Trips”.  Field Trips are “local food adventures” to a variety of farms just outside Toronto.  Round-trip transportation from downtown Toronto is included, as is a local lunch prepared from farm-fresh food.  They have a number of adventures planned all season long, including trips to produce farms, dairy farms, organic wineries, apple orchards, meat and poultry farms, and co-operative farms.

This is such a cool idea.  Get out of town and meet the people who grow your food!

Visit the website for more information about Field Trips.

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