Family Vacation Idea: Farm Stay

Here’s a neat idea for a family vacation – go stay on a working farm.  Don’t worry – a farm vacation isn’t all manual labour and sleeping in the hay loft. Some farms offer full packages, including comfortable accommodations, hands-on activities, and amazing meals with the freshest ingredients possible.

I think this is a great idea, especially for urban families. You can read more about farm vacations in the States, and find a farm near you (or perhaps further away – a destination farm?) on the Farm Stay US website.  I would love to visit this one in Pennsylvania. It would make an easy road trip from Toronto, and they have a pool for post-farming lounging and swimming!

[photos from the Farm Stay US Flickr group]

2 thoughts on “Family Vacation Idea: Farm Stay”

  1. Thank you for the mention! I agree, I think there’s a farm or ranch vacation that would suit almost anyone — from the coziest of deluxe cabins to the most bare bones empty field where one can set up a tent. I’ve found so many farms I’d like to visit, myself! Thanks again.

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